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The Texas Association of Mariachi Educators "TAME" is dedicated to serving students and directors from the entire State of Texas. The purpose is to inspire students and educators to promote mariachi music and education in order to keep this beautiful music alive. The goal is to provide a platform for students to perform mariachi music and share this music with the community. By providing opportunities for performance and competition, students can learn, grow, and be inspired to grow as musicians and as performers. 

Each year, student mariachi groups from the entire State, come together to compete. This State Festival is one of the biggest student mariachi competition festivals in the country. If you would like to sponsor one of our events click here.

We hope to continue to keep mariachi music alive and promote mariachi education to future generations!

2024 Officers.HEIC


(Pictured Left To Right)

Jesus Rios - Secretary 

James Mosqueda - Treasurer

Maria Sandoval - 1st Vice President

Wendy Martinez - President

Velma Salas-Garcia - Director of Operations

Matthew Moore - Historian

Frank Ramirez - 2nd Vice President

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