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What do we use your donation or sponsorship for?

As a non-profit organization, we require the help of outside funding through sponsorships to provide for our students.

These donations go toward being able to hold the area competitions (south, central, north, coastal and Houston areas) and the big state competition. These competitions require a lot of funding in order to secure a venue, meals for volunteers, sound system, trophies and awards, programs, judges, judges' travel etc. The money raised is also use to provide clinics for educators that will help them with their continued professional development.

How can you donate?

The most common form is through a monetary donation directly to the organization that will allow us to use the funds were needed; however, we also accept and appreciate other forms of sponsorships and donations. These include donations in the form of services (sound system at the competitions), use of venues free of charge, program printing etc. 

You would like to help. Now what?​

We would like to thank you in advance for your donation!!! If your donation is in the form of monetary donation, please click on the "Make a Donation" button at the top of this page. If your sponsorship or donation is in the form of services or goods, please contact the TAME President.

What happens after you make a donation?

After you make a donation, you will receive a sponsorship form from the organization that will detail the donation and the amount donated. This donation form will be given for tax purposes.

Make a Donation

Wendy Martinez

TAME President


P.O. Box 891

Edinburg, TX 78540

Thank you for your donation!

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